February Newsletter 2019

February Newsletter 2019

Hi Everyone. We have had a busy January updating the NS Concerts website to make it more user friendly. All 5000 flyers and posters are ready to distribute!


Also in January we introduced you to more of the team that make the concerts possible. There’s much work associated with bringing quality singers to Northern Ireland.  Although this is the Lords work and we are only His labourers, He expects us to bring Him honour by presenting the concerts as professionally as possible. The secular world does it for their entertainment programmes, so how much more important that we should present gospel music in the best way we can.

We will be Featuring the Artists

Over the next few months leading up to the concerts we will be featuring the artists taking part to give you some insight into their background and ministries.

In this newsletter we will feature anchor singer for the September concertsLynda Randle.

Lynda’s Early Life

Lynda was born in Washington DC into a Christian home. She is the middle child in a family of seven children. Lynda feels blessed to have been born into a Christian home, where she was taught the love of Christ and the need of a personal relationship with the Living God.

Although it was a Christian home, her up-bringing was quite tumultuous and music became an escape route for the pain she felt, and as a result opportunities opened up for her to sing.

Lynda and her Achievements

Lynda’s distinctive alto voice has enabled her to sing all over the United States and around the world including here in the UK. She has shared stages with many famous singers including Andre Crouch and Gladys Knight and has ministered at the Billy Graham Crusades. Lynda guested regularly on the Gaithers Homecoming Series for over ten years, but her solo work meant she has become established as one of the top Gospel singers in her own right.

Music Awards

Lynda has received so many awards. It would not be possible to list them here, although her most famous song ‘God of the Mountain’ has earned her the coveted Dove award for Gospel music and has been watched on YouTube over 24 million times which is a testament to the power and comfort this song has brought to millions as they struggle with life’s issues.


Books and CDs

Lynda has written various books including God on the Mountain, which contains stories from ordinary people going through the valley and relating their stories of how her songs and books have impacted their darkest moments. Her books and CDs will be available at the concert venues in September.

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